Founder of The Reina Rose Foundation. Founder and Host of Legacy Gathering and Phoenix Gathering. Motivational Speaker. Mentor/Advocate for Abused Women and Children. Activist against all things injustice. 

Lisa Rodriguez is a life long survivor of sexual, domestic and psychological abuse, as well as a two time cancer survivor who thrives in her life and careers. Lisa approaches counseling with a Christian faith worldview and unconditional positive regard for all clients regardless of religious and spiritual beliefs. She assist clients in achieving optimal health status and understanding of the connection between mental health, spiritual health, and physical well-being by using her life experiences and her education to motivate and encourage others to always aim for the stars, even if at times they can only reach the moon.
Lisa mostly specializes in working with adolescent and adult survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse assisting survivors in tackling fears and emotional wounds to reclaim their voices and personal power. In addition, she also specializes in helping people deal with the difficulties that life can sometimes throw their way by finding ways that work for them to cope better and get back to living instead of just surviving.
Another area that Lisa focuses on is with families impacted by addiction and mental disorders and understands the unique stress that can cause depression and anxiety in this community.
Lisa has a Associate of Art degree in Psychology from The City University of New York through New York University. While attending New York University she led informal support and empowerment groups for women on anxiety, depression and life balance, as well as sexual, domestic and psychological abuse.
Lisa also has a Bachelor Science of Business Administration and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from New York University. She also has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Real Estate, Master of Science in Real Estate Development, along with Certificates in Real Estate Development, Real Estate Finance and Investment, Residential Property Management, and Graduate Certificate in Real Estate from New York University.
Lisa is currently studying for her Bachelor of Science in Psychology through Grand Canyon University. She looks forward to continuing her education towards her Master of Science of Professional Counseling with emphasis in Trauma and Doctoral PhD in Counseling Psychology. Lisa is also the owner of L&F Real Estate.
Outstanding Citizen of the year award 2012, Local Humanitarian award 2016,